Ghost Signs

The Old Spaghetti Factory sign is the first example on this site of a “Ghost Sign“. A ghost sign is an old hand-painted advertising sign that has been preserved on a building for an extended period of time. Ghost signs are also called fading ads or brick ads.

Many ghost signs from the 1890s to 1960s are still visible. Such signs were most commonly used in the decades before the Great Depression and were originally painted with oil-based house paints. The paint that has survived the test of time most likely contains lead, which keeps it strongly adhered to the masonry surface. The painters of the signs were called “wall dogs“.

This drones eye view of ghost sign for The Old Spaghetti Factory, is on the East side of the SoHo loft condominium building at 8th and Central, in Kansas City, Missouri. This building, the Armour-Volker Building was once the home of the Volker Frame and Molding factory. Compared to most ghost signs in Kansas City, this one is fairly recent… The Old Spaghetti Factory was open in KC during the 70’s and 80’s, but has been closed for 25-30 years.

And here is a link to a Google Tour of the Mural with “Points of Interest” that links to more information about the art and surrounding area. Click on the photo to take the tour… or just click the link below!

Click on photo to take tour - or click on this link
Clcik Pic or Link to take tour –

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