Hutch Modern street art

As I have mentioned before, the best place to see the highest concentration of street art in Kansas City is in the Crossroads Art District… especially East Crossroads. But, contrary to popular opinion, the best time to see this street art is NOT during First Friday celebration, and NOT by car… First Fridays are too frenetic, and viewing by car will not get you into the alleys and other places many of the pieces are hiding.

Walking is the best way… and here is a map with some of the art, ghost signs, and murals I have previously written about.

The different colored hearts on the map indicate the region of KC they are located in… Red for Downtown, Blue for River Market, Purple for Crossroads, etc. On the full map you can toggle what sites you want to see… Murals, Street Art, Ghost Signs … any or all.

This example of Street Art is located on the East side (in the alley behind) the Hutch store building at 1735 Locust Street, in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here is a link to a Google Tour of this street art with “Points of Interest” that link to more information about the art, architecture and history of the surrounding area. Click on the photo to take the tour… or just click the link below!

Click on link or picture to take tour –

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