John’s Big Deck mural

This quirky large mural is on the North side of John’s Big Deck, located at 928 Wyandotte, KCMO. This building was constructed over one hundred years ago, and has been a restaurant/ bar for over sixty years. It was part of the historic Graphic Arts Building complex on Wyandotte. In 1980 it became John’s and in 1983 the rooftop bar was completed, which provides a great vantage point to appreciate the area’s unique architecture.

The quirky aspect of the artwork is that, upon closer inspection, the mural is a giant ad-smashup of Tito’s Vodka and Kansas City iconic landmarks… notice the Tito’s handmade vodka sign on a building, the train Kansas City to Austin (the home of Tito’s) and the giant Tito’s bottle… interspersed with KC landmarks – the Bond Bridge, The Scout statue, Western Auto sign (kind of – they replaced Western Auto with KC) and the Hereford Association Bull statue.

Below is a 360° “tour” (three separate 360° pictures) of this mural and area… clicking on the arrows allows you to move left and right. Use your mouse to look up, look down, look all around… and zoom in or out.

Here is a link to a Google Tour of the mural with “Points of Interest” that link to more information about the art, architecture and history of the surrounding area. Click on the photo to take the tour… or just click the link below!

Click on picture or this link to take tour –

Walking Tour Map of KC Art

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