Black Label Cycles street art

As I have mentioned before, probably the largest concentration of “street art” in Kansas City is located in the Crossroads district and the biggest concentration of ghost signs (literally on just about every building) is in the West Bottoms district of our city… but, as I pointed out in my post about the Borden Dairy ghost sign, and what this piece highlights, there are some great examples of all types of artwork throughout KCMO!

This multi panel example of street art is located on the North and East, and West sides of the Black Label Cycles building on the corner of 9th and Mulberry streets in the West Bottoms district in Kansas City, MO.

Below is a 360° “tour” (seven separate 360° pictures) of this mural and area… clicking on the arrows allows you to move left and right. Use your mouse to look up, look down, look all around… and zoom in or out.

Here is a link to a Google Tour of the mural with “Points of Interest” that link to more information about the art, architecture and history of the surrounding area. Click on the photo to take the tour… or just click the link below!

Click on picture or this link to take tour –

Walking Tour Map of KC Art

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